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“Φύτρωνε μέσα στου σπιτιού μας τον περίβολο κορμός μακρόφυλλης ελιάς, χοντρός σαν μια κολώνα με θαλερό το φούντωμά της. Γύρω του εγώ την κάμαρή μας έχτισα…
Ομήρου Οδύσσεια, Ραψωδία Ψ

Vasso Ghioni was born in Athens.
She studied painting and drawing in Paris, at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere, while working at Yannis Tsarouchis studio.
At the same time she studied History of Art, at the School of the Louvre.
She continued her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels and she also studied archeology and Byzantine Art, at university there (ULB).
She has worked at the Royal Institute of Artistic Tradition of Brussels, in maintenance of Byzantine icons from the Belgian Art and History Museum.
Her contact with THE SCULPTURE MUSEUM “NIKOS PERANTINOS”, introduced her to the field of sculpture, in which she is active for the past ten years.
Her work can be found in many private collections in Greece, France, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany and Austria.
Member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

atelier: Stravonos 11, Glifada, 16674, Athens
tel: +30 210 8947401
mob: +30 694 8074894